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Birmingham’s Soho Foundry Park will be graced with a truly extraordinary event on the 27th of August 2023, as it sets the stage to celebrate African culture, diversity, and unity. This unique event aims to awaken new perspectives on the African continent, creating an atmosphere that brings together various ethnic communities while showcasing the vibrant cultures, businesses, music, and artistry of African people. With a focus on fostering business cohesion between African and non-African communities, this event sets out to revitalize the region’s marketing strategies while shedding light on critical issues such as malaria prevention. The successful organization, as well as presentation of this event, is passionately made possible by the input of two key host entities namely New Vibes Radio and JS Natural Hair Products.

One of the main objectives of this event is to transform perceptions of the African region by providing a dynamic platform for African businesses to engage with the wider community. Through the showcase of diverse products, services, and entrepreneurial ventures, the event aims to highlight the boundless economic potential within Africa. By doing so, it creates opportunities for collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships that transcend cultural boundaries.
At the core of this celebration lies the vibrant music and art that reflect the essence of African culture. Through energetic and captivating performances by talented artists, attendees will experience the richness and diversity of African music, while witnessing stunning displays of artistic expression. These displays will demonstrate the ingenuity, creativity, and cultural heritage of African people, captivating the hearts and minds of all in attendance. Additionally, the best DJ’s will present the captivating rhythms of timeless African genres and classic music expertly mixed.

Most importantly, the events’ package will also take a keen interest in recognizing the undivided efforts and masterfully crafted talents of eminent DJ’s and outstanding Promoters for keeping African Entertainment infectiously alive in the in the West Midlands. In addition, the event won’t be short of exciting, thrilling and electrifying football matches from talented Zimbabweans, East Africa Select, Entertainers Select, Nigeria, and DR Congo.

Moreover, the event acknowledges the urgent need to address the devastating impact of malaria in Africa. With an estimated 292,000 children under the age of five losing their lives to this preventable disease each year, it is crucial to take action. Therefore, a significant portion of the event’s proceeds will be allocated toward the production and implementation of insecticide-treated mosquito nets. By providing these life-saving tools, the event endeavors to curb malaria deaths and protect vulnerable children across African communities.

Recognizing the power of the media to amplify messages and unite diverse audiences, media attendance is highly encouraged at this event. Through comprehensive coverage, the event aims to shine a spotlight on the unique blend of culture, diversity, and growth it represents. By doing so, it seeks to inspire engagement, increase understanding, and foster a deeper appreciation for African culture and its potential contributions to the global community.
In addition to the main program, the event promises a range of other activities that amplify the celebration and engagement of attendees. The “Fan Zone” will offer a captivating exploration of African customs through traditional games, sports, and tantalizing culinary delights. Meanwhile, the “Pitch Side” area will ignite the night with electrifying performances by African artists, ensuring an unforgettable entertainment experience for all.

To make the event inclusive and accessible to all, ticket pricing has been set at an affordable E10 for adults, while children can enter free of charge. This pricing strategy encourages individuals from all walks of life to participate, fostering an environment of unity, cultural exchange, and collaborative growth.

By working together, we can forge a brighter future for Africa, one that embraces its rich cultural heritage, fosters economic progress, and protects the health of its most vulnerable communities.

  • Start Date: August 27, 2023
  • Start Time: 10:00
  • Location: Soho Foundry Park, Birmingham, UK
  • Address: Soho Foundry Park, Birmingham, UK
  • End Date: August 27, 2023
  • End Time: 20:00
  • Event Type: FAMILY FUN DAY